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Bangkok is this year’s number one city for travel globally with 15.98 million international visitors expected to visit the city in 2013.  While London reached the top spot in 2012, it was edged into second place in 2013 by Bangkok by a very slim margin with approximately 25,000 visitors separating the two – a difference of about 1%. Paris (13.92 million), Singapore (11.75 million), and New York (11.52 million) are the three remaining cities in the world’s top five destination cities in terms of international visitors.

In terms of visitor spending, New York has retained its top rank in the world in 2013 with an estimated US$18.59 billion, followed by London with US$16.32 billion. They are followed by Paris (US$14.60 billion), Bangkok (US$14.28 billion), Singapore (US$13.50 billion) and Tokyo (US$12.71 billion).

Despite the persistent weakness of constrained demand in the global economy, international travel is growing strongly, and 132 of the world’s most important destination cities are benefiting. This is underscored by electronic payments, which are enabling more people from more places to participate in the global economy than ever before, said the report.

The report is based on “international overnight visitor spend.”