The boom in Africa has increased interest in ICT and providing lots of attention to the industry.
Some of the major tech happenings for this year had been the rise of mobile computing while
tech gathering like the hackertons tech hubs is beginning to surface in major African countries.
Nigeria was expected to have grown into a full mobile payment economy with the frameworks
put in place the government. More African businesses now see the need to get online to do
business the force of social media is redefining beliefs and shifting traditions. In Nigeria the
number portability will define a new vista for mobile phone subscribers as this will make telcos
clarify their business objectives and offerings. More and more Africans now value friend or
colleague opinions or review online as 83% of consumers say user reviews often or sometimes
impact their purchase decisions. Also video content consumption and sharing in areas of music,
movies, humor, fashion and instructional  videos also became hugely popular amongst co-creation
young people as we experience quit some  African YouTube stars. Africans are power searcher and much of those traffic comes from mobile devices to search engines like
Google, Bing, Yahoo because the digital space is where more Africans are getting more vocal, commenting or advocating on issues that matters to them and twitter gives
a platform for anyone to have a significant no of users – because they have something to say.With the strides achieved in 2012, tech industry will likely surge in data collection and storage which would raise issues like data access and security, identity theft is real and African government must be proactive in area. Also areas like intellectual property (IP) its definition and infringement as most African governments do not have punitive laws or structures in place to protect African IP infringed on by a multinational for instance it will then become a case of David vs Goliath and Goliath may likely win. Year 2013more data consumption will take place on mobile more crowed-sourced funded projects will spring up more also it will be a year where serious ground breaking ideas will receive funding like the four Nigerian girls that created the urine powered generator. Also the African consumer is becoming choosier in purchase decisions and will do thorough repurchase decisions to get user reviews from friends, colleagues and blogs they visit regularly. Also any business serious about online purchase will have to really dive into mobile space as consumers will prefer interacting with brands on their mobile phones. Sectors like consumer goods, clothing apparels, and real estate are all likely to get disrupt by mobile commerce particularly a country like South Africa where likelihood of buying is high once entertainment apparels and gifts is included and as such online research drives offline sales. Also hubs like iHub, CchubNigeria, Wennvation, InnovationHub and so on will play a very key role in driving Africa creative ingenuity.

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