In a development certain to end multiple romantic relationships across the Cape Peninsula, Stellenbosch University has been ranked the top university in South Africa, dislodging the University Of Cape Town from its long held number one position.

The top 10 ranking was as follows:

10) University of the North West

9) University of Johannesburg

8) University of the Western Cape

7) Rhodes University

6) University of South Africa

5) University of KwaZulu-Natal

4) University of the Witwatersrand

3) Pretoria University

2) University of Cape Town

1) Stellenbosch University

But when we asked how the ranking was determined, we were advised that:

Webometrics uses certain parameters including online presence and authority to rank the best universities in Africa and across the world. It is normal for some universities to lag behind using this parameter however, the aim is to facilitate the web presence, research and publishing of universities overall.

If you read that again, you’ll notice that the process for ranking these universities has little to nothing to do with academics, which is a shame, considering that universities exist for the sake of academic pursuit.

And winning the Varsity Cup.

Congrats to Stellenbosch for having the best web presence of all the universities in South Africa. UCT, you guys are getting sloppy with your web marketing, obviously.