The African Union

The African Union

For too long, Africa has been looked at with disdain, or referred to as the ‘hopeless continent’. Drought, famine, repression, civil war and tribal conflict have been rife. However, developments in the recent past show that the tide is turning.

Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa has been rising steadily despite the global economic downturn, rates of HIV/Aids and other deadly diseases and conflicts are becoming a thing of the past.

UNDP’s African Human Development Report 2012 is further proof of the potential the continent has, but is not being exploited.

The report calls on African states to stop receiving food aid and begin feeding themselves. The report is quite scathing towards nations that still use food aid as a safety net.

Good policies and visionary leadership, have proved to be a key ingredient to food security and fighting famine, as has been demonstrate in some countries, including Rwanda.

Food security is simply about political will and citizen participation as the other factors such labour, land, water and technology are sufficient on the continent.

It is therefore essential that Africa’s leaders tackle share best practices and collectively work towards food security and generally improving the lives of the people.