On Tuesday, President Jacob Zuma released a statement on Tuesday saying (Nelson Mandela) Madiba’s condition remains critical but stable. Journalists from local and international media organisations have spent a cold night outside the Pretoria hospital where former President Nelson Mandela is being treated.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

The world’s eyes remain on South Africa, as the elder statesman remains in a critical condition.

A sound engineer from one of the international news channels told the SABC that they’re not bothered by the cold weather, because they’ve been working  in far more challenging conditions, such as war infested countries.

“We could’ve been in far worse places like Afghanistan, we find it easy here. Boredom in fact is the worst thing,” he says.

The man also stated that he has been camping outside the hospital since Mandela was first admitted over two weeks ago for a recurring lung infection.

A steady stream of family members and other dignitaries visited Madiba in hospital on Tuesday Madiba’s stepdaughter, Jozina Machel, has been seen leaving the Pretoria hospital.

In the Eastern Cape, other Mandela family members concluded an urgent meeting on Tuesday at the Qunu family home without disclosing what was discussed.

Also, the South African government has confirmed that President Obama will NOT visit Mandela who remains hospitalized. I personally think that this is a smart move and one does out of respect for Mandela and his family.

Mandela has won far greater fights and we wish him victory in this one too!

Modified from SABC