Each city in Africa is beautiful in its own accord and individuals are attracted to different kinds of environments and like different cities for that matter. For most cities, throughout the world, it is hard to find the balance between the easiness to live, and the busy robust life. Here is the list of some of the best cities in Africa to live in.

Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town being first is a no-brainer. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, let alone Africa, having already won a number of prestigious international travel awards. Cape Town possesses all of the amenities and sophistication of an urban area, yet the pace is decidedly relaxed, with the city being nestled between the ocean and the mountains, creating an ideal mix of work and play.

Gaborone – Botswana

Politically stable and economically buoyant, Botswana’s capital is considered to be one of the best place to live. This is especially because of its small in size, with a population of just over 230,000, yet offering a diverse mix of people, and places to see.

Gabs, as it is popularly known, is located in a country known for being one of the world’s largest producers of rough diamonds. Apart from diamonds, the economy is also driven by its beef exports, the majority of which is sold in Europe as well as the growing tourism industry. The development of modern sports facilities saw the city successfully hosting the Africa Junior Athletics Championships in 2011, and has made it a popular contender to host the 2014 African Youth Games.

Khartoum – Sudan

The name Sudan echoes war, and suffering. However, Khartoum is a thriving city amid the confusion, and violence that has affected most parts of the country especially the western part. The city is the confluence of the white and blue Nile with many riverbank communities. City crime is almost non-existent.

Windhoek – Namibia

From the language to the distinct architecture, the German influence on Windhoek is evident—a lasting reminder of Namibia’s early colonial history. The small ( the most recent count puts total population just over 320,000) but active city is home to just about every national government institution, making it the country’s political, cultural, social, and economic capital. If Namibia is best known for the Namib Desert, the oldest in the world, then Windhoek is best known for its beer. Windhoek Lager is one of the fastest-growing premium beers in the region and is sold abroad in over 20 countries. The old brewery still stands tall in the city’s central business district and now hosts many cool restaurant, bars and shots.

Kigali – Rwanda

From the expansion of its Central Business District to the recent road construction project to help ease traffic congestion, Rwanda’s capital is slowly becoming one of the most rapidly developing cities on the continent. Centrally located in the heart of Rwanda, Kigali is home to close to one million people, and there’s also a large community of expats here who get to enjoy the diversity the city has to offer. As with most African countries, there’s two scenes on offer. While the majority of the population still live in rural areas, new modern structures continue to be built in the Central Business District. One of the latest developments is the Kigali Tower, a 20-floor office and retail complex that is the city’s tallest building. Living in Rwanda’s capital is not cheap, as the cost of imported goods are high.