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6 Fastest Growing African Economies


Fast growth should always be desired. Yet, it is never sufficient. These countries’ economies are growing at a very high rate and their respective governments should be commended for that. However, it is important to understand that economic growth does not […]


10 Most Expensive Cities in Africa

Luanda, the metropolitan capital of Angola, is the most expensive city in Africa – and in the world — for expats and expatriates. This is according to the 2015 Cost of Living Survey published by U.S- based Mercer Consulting. This survey by […]


African Slums: Centers of Creativity

African Slums: Centers of Creativity

Slums throughout the African continent are places of extreme violence and poverty. But they are also places of extreme human potential and promise. Groups from the Kibera slum in Kenya, one of the largest in Africa, to the Alexandria Township […]


Gay marriage: Un-African? Non-issue?


Same-sex couples should get married if they so wish and people should be treated equally before the law. So says a certain Barack Obama, the world’s most powerful man. “When you start treating people differently not because of any harm […]