Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda have been named among the top 10 world adventurous places for 2013 by Globe Spots, an international travel guide for tourists.

The Globe Spots places Mozambique in second position, Rwanda sixth while Malawi was rated as the ninth top destination to travel globally. Portugal was ranked number one. Others on the list are Kyrgyzstan, Panama, Armenia, Cuba, Ukraine, and Canada.

For five years now, the travel guide magazine has captured what’s happening on the travel scene. They focused on destinations they believe will be hot – or at least should be – with some of it based on travel experience.

mozambique-aerialThe travel guide categorized the destinations into three spheres: Classic travel for great sights and convenient travel, adventurous places for those who are going above and beyond, seeking out the best travel and Hardcore places for those who are willing to travel anywhere just for the buzz.

“Mozambique is a great spot for a change of scenery if you’re experiencing safari fatigue from your excursions in the neighboring countries,” Globe spot says categorizing it as a hardcore place. Mozambique borders Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland and South Africa.

Of Malawi, a place it positioned for those who are seeking out the best travel, Global spot says: “Having earned their country the nickname of the Warm Heart of Africa, the seemingly always smiling Malawians are without a doubt one of Malawi’s main attractions.” Some of the tourist attraction mentioned in the country include the Lake Malawi, which provides ample beaches for sunbathing, islands for kayaking, fish for snorkelling and diving, parks boasting the Big Five, the chance to walk and cycle with zebras and antelopes, mountains providing days upon days of spectacular hiking, an ancient steamboat and sunset cruises along the hippo-filled Shire River to the mix.

Meanwhile the travel guide adjudged that there is more to visit in Rwanda than gorillas and Genocide sites, such as stunning ubiquitous mountains, national parks, excellent lake beaches, great culture, and a dynamic capital city. “The country has a lot to offer its visitors and is working really hard to convince them to forget about its dreadful past. And with its incredibly well-paved roads, clean and safe streets, and friendly helpful people, Rwanda makes a perfectly smooth introduction to Africa,” says the travel guide.

Head of tourism and conservation at Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rica Rwigamba, said that the ranking provides confidence to tourists.

Rwanda1-300x200“In Rwanda we have much more to offer to tourists beyond the mountain gorillas. And we are proud of that. We are committed to showcase Rwanda’s beauty to the world,” she told Rwanda local newspaper, The New Times.

Rwanda has hosted about 493,744 visitors in 2012, representing an increase of 22 per cent compared to the same period in 2011. It recorded a remarkable 16 per cent increase in leisure visitors as well as an eight per cent increase in business visitors.

Tourist sites in Rwanda include mountain gorillas, canopy walk, national museums, lake Kivu, bird watching, Congo Nile trail, Akagera and Nyungwe National parks, culture, among others.