Actually, we can rightly  say that the Internet giant Google has the world under its nose. As the year 2012 rounds off, summary of most searched items have revealed pretty interesting things about different parts of the world, and events from 2012 in general. Most searched include Gangnam Style with almost 1 billion views on youtube, Whitney Houston, the amazing voice from ‘I will always love you‘ who died earlier this year, Rebbecca Black, the famously infamous (pardon the satire) 15 year old singer of Friday, Hurricane Sandy, the ipad 3, American presidential elections, and more. Coming to Africa, Google revealed to the world that Nigeria wants to learn how to love, how to romance, and how to rap (how cute!). This video from Aljazeera tells the rest of the story

Not to forget 2012 olympics, our own Kony 2012 of course featured on youtube’s most popular in 2012. Check out more at Please comment below on your  favorite events this year.